Season of KDE 2022

About me

I am Samarth Raj, a second-year engineering undergraduate at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Orissa, India. My major is Computer Science. I got to know about open source through Hacktoberfest in my first year. I started contributing to GCompris in December 2021. I added an undo-all feature to the chess activity.

Issue Merge request

Motivation for applying to Season of KDE

I feel open source is the best way to learn about new technologies and projects that people use in their day-to-day lives. I don’t have any prior knowledge about development. Although I know HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I’ve never worked on a real-life project, so when I got to know about SoK (from a friend) I thought this was a great opportunity to learn a lot about open source.

GCompris is an easy to use child learning platform which has thousands of active users and Qt/Qml provides a framework for developing applications and libraries with the QML language through which we can develop applications that are highly performant, fluidly animated, and visually appealing across all platforms (phones, desktop, tablets) through a single code base, So my interest intrigued in it and started contributing to GCompris.

SoK project – Adding a new activity in GCompris


I plan to add a new activity for left and right click training. This activity will teach the very functioning of the mouse clicks in a fun and interactive way. 


The idea behind the implementation of this activity is to teach about left and right-click with the help of animals and the places where they live (horses live in stables). In this activity, we’ll have 2 kinds of animals and their houses. For every animal, the user needs to decide whether to click it with a left-click or right-click to send it to the house placed on the left side of the screen or to the right side of the screen, respectively. Once the user is able to correctly click on all the animals, he/she wins the game.

This is the initial layout of the activity-


To keep the activity easy to use as children are the target users for GCompris. To teach the usage of left and right-click functionality in such a way that they don’t get bored while using it and we are also teaching them about where the animals live. And this is the idea behind the GCompris, to teach multiple things at once without the users (children) realizing that they are learning these things.

What next?

There are lots of possibilities for this activity; for example, we can increase the difficulty of the activity as of now we only have two animals, but further, we can increase the number of animals (level wise) keeping the number of houses the same, so the user needs to think more about making the right choice.


I look forward to learning a lot from my mentors, Harsh and Emmanuel. And, to gain some confidence in Qt/Qml by end of the SoK period because sometimes (mostly always) I really struggle to implement what I’m thinking. But now I understand it’s all part of the learning process and I’m really excited to work on my first major contribution.

Thanks for taking out your time to read this. 🙂

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