GSoC Mid-term evaluation: Week 8


The major purpose of the mid-term evaluation during the Google Summer of Code program is to ensure the contributor’s progress for their committed timeline for both coding and communication.

My progress till mid-term

During the coding period, I started with “ten’s complement,” and after a thorough discussion among the mentors, we decided to divide the activity into three sub-activities. The details for all the sub-activities can be found here.
At the time of mid-term evaluation, all these three sub-activities were half-functional, the improvements were left, but the basic functioning and the dataset for level 1 of all the activities were present. Although, I was one week late to my timeline, which I proposed. I planned to complete “ten’s complement” by mid-term. I’ve added the to-do for this activity under the task. (here)
But one thing I realized, and my mentors told me too, is that the small things require more time. One of the reasons why I was unable to complete the activity before mid-term was the incorrect estimation of time and work. And initially, the college was going to open a month later, but it started in the month of July itself. Due to this, I couldn’t provide much time for a few days.

Improving myself

After the mid-term evaluation, I prepared another timeline consisting of the remaining tasks and time left, as advised by the mentors. An updated timeline would help both of us, mentors and me. Through this, my progress during the remaining weeks can be measured. I try to have daily interaction with the mentors, and I’ll be publishing more blogs to increase communication with the whole community as well.
Also, I am allocating more time to the remaining task and increasing the contributing pace to catch up to the timeline and complete all the tasks before the final evaluation.

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