The Coding Period: Week 1 & 2

Community Bonding Period

During this period, I prepared the mock-ups for the activities “10’s complement” and “Grammatical analyze.” Based on my mentor’s reviews the mock-ups were modified further.

The design for other levels of 10’s complement can be found here.

This bonding period is provided so the newcomers can get familiar with mentors and projects. As I’ve contributed for a few months now, I am comfortable with mentors and a little less confident with the project. So I decided to increase my understanding by finding the sub-tasks in other activities I needed to complete 10’s complement and Grammatical analyze.
I also contributed to one another issue. Also, during this time, my first activity got merged (Left and Right Click Training which was later renamed as Mouse Click Training).

Current Progress

The first activity is going to be 10’s complement. This activity is divided into three separate sub-activities. The base logic is the same, but the implementation and difficulty of these activities are different. So for a better user experience, the activity is divided in this way. (here)

Level 1: Sub activity 1

In Sub-Activity 1, the user places the 10’s complement of the given number by, first clicking the number card inside the number container (left side pink box), then clicking on the question mark card to which user wishes to replace with.

Currently, the containers and the cards are implemented using dynamic size so that it is adaptable to different screen sizes.

Challenges faced and learnings

When I first started, I struggled with “what to do” and “how to do”, and now I struggle with “how to do” (mostly). I think earlier, I didn’t know where to find the solution to my problem, but during these months of contributing, one thing I’ve learned is that GCompris is a massive project with so many activities in it. Anything we are trying to do is already done in some way or the other we just have to find out “where”.

While implementing the replacing the number card with a question mark card, I was unable to implement this feature. What we are doing is, after the successful replacement of the card, the number card should be gone. In simpler terms, to change the visibility of the number card to “false” when we click on the question mark card. But after a few hours of struggle, it was solved. The solution is the number card is a separate component shown with the help of DataModel. First, we find the index of the card in the model we wish to change, and then using the setproperty function, we change the visibility property of the component to false on successful replacement.

What’s next?

  • Implement the next, reload, and okay buttons and make them functional.
  • Add datasets for all the levels in sub-activity 1.
  • Begin with sub-activity 2.

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