A GSoC – 2022 Participant

Hi Everyone

I am Samarth Raj, a second-year undergrad at KIIT University, India, with a computer science major. My project for adding new activities to GCompris has been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2022. I’ll be working as a contributor this summer.

Since the first year of college itself, I’ve always aspired to learn tech that would actually create an impact on people. And it was this time only when I got to know about “open source”. I feel because of open-source, college students who have no idea about what programming means (like me) can learn and contribute to industry-level projects with a little bit of hard work. In this way, we are learning about new technology by understanding its application at the same moment. Open source, in general, is a very practical way of learning. It can be slightly overwhelming at first, but with the help of people around us who are always ready to help, we start to get the hang of it.

I participated in the Season of KDE earlier this year, in which I added a new activity, “Left Right Click”. This was my first experience as an open-source contributor, and I cannot list the number of things I got to learn with the help of my mentors during this short period because the list is enormous.
One of my major learnings was to learn to understand different perspectives as this is a global software, so any improvement towards the application should be suitable for everyone.

In the coming months, I’ll be contributing to two activities in GCompris, one related to maths, “Using 10’s complements to add number“. It is a form of addition that relies on the use of 10s to add numbers, and the other is associated with grammar, “Grammatical analyse“. This activity aims to help users to gain a better understanding of ‘parts of speech.’
I’ve briefly described the project here in my proposal.

During the GSoC coding period, I’ll be posting bi-weekly blogs. The blogs will be concise and to the point. Along with the project, I wish to develop great communication with the community members.

I look forward to new learnings and great experiences ahead.

Connect with me –

LInkedIn | WordPress | GMail

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